Automatic Image Optimizer

Optimise your Shopify product images

Be fast and on brand!

Make your store load faster by automatically compressing your images.
Add logos or watermarks to your product images to protect your brand.

Comprehensive and Unlimited

Unlimited number of Image transformations like: Compress, Resize, text watermarks, image watermarks, badges, borders and ALT tag renames.

It’s all Automated!

After choosing your options, Automatic Image Optimizer will automatically optimise your images in the background - no need for manual work. Just set and forget.

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Compress your images to improve your conversion rates, bounce rates and Google ranking. Smaller images means your store pages can load faster. A fast loading page is proven to give a better visitor experience and happier customers.

Automatic Image Optimizer also supports a range of other edits and transformations to optimise your Shopify product images.

With features like bulk processing and automatic optimisation of new images, Automatic Image Optimizer lets you spend less time manually optimising your images and more time on working on improving your business.


  • Image Compression - Compress Images for smaller file sizes - which equals faster page loads on your site - faster pages = better conversion rates. On average our compression reduces the size of your images with 10-40% with no visible loss of quality.
  • Resize your images - Make your images square or resize them in bulk to fit any dimension requirements for your store.
  • Watermark - Add text or image based watermarks to your images to protect them and to keep them on brand.
  • Badges/Stickers - Add badges/stickers to your images. Select from our badge library or upload your own.
  • ALT Tag Rename - Automatically change your images' ALT tag (in HTML) to better match product title and to improve discoverability in search engines (SEO). Search engines uses the ALT text and file names to determine which images to return for a specific search.
  • Process in Bulk - Apply changes to individual images directly, or save huge amounts of time by processing multiple images in bulk.
  • Set and forget - Set your options for optimisation and let Automatic Image Optimizer run this automatically for all newly uploaded images in an auto run job.
  • Restore - At any time you can restore a modified image back to its original state
  • Easy to use - Our easy to use editor makes it a breeze to add multiple changes before applying
  • Simple and reasonable pricing for an unlimited number of transformations.
  • Quick Support - Get in touch with our support to receive help with any issue you might have.

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